Sea Inspired Ceramics

I don't think I could survive living anywhere far away from the sea.   I start to get claustrophobic once I travel any distance inland.   What is it about the sea that is so healing, reassuring and inspiring?

I would describe all my work as sea inspired.   This wonderful coastline that we have on the west coast of Ireland is truly exceptional.   I love how wild it is, it seems to have its very own palette of colours, the wind and often huge waves take my breath away and on those wet stormy blustery days, I love it even more.

I spend so much time walking the beaches here in County Clare, Ireland, watching the waves crashing and the birds circling.   Many of my ceramic pieces are the result of this time.   What the artist loves to look at most is what will translate in their pieces and here is no exception.   The series that I call Crashing Waves were inspired by the high tide at Lahinch Co.Clare.   At high tide, the waves seem to queue up and the volume of water builds and culminates in this huge crash.   This I feel so inspired to keep creating.   Have a look at some of these sea inspired ceramics here.