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Leana Mo Chroi Studios was set up and is owned by Michelle Gunning M.A. Ceramic and Mixed Media Artist.   It is a ceramic art gallery in the beautiful town of Ennistymon, Co. Clare.   The gallery exhibits and sells the art of Michelle Gunning and often the work of other Irish Ceramic Artists.

Ceramic Artist 

Michelle Gunning is a ceramic and mixed media artist.   Michelle's background includes study of painting at Limerick College of Art and Design, Drawing and Visual Inquiry at Galway Technical Institute, and Art Therapy M.A. at Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork.   Michelle also studied Ceramics under Martha Williamson at Sliding Rock Contemporary Ceramics, Ceadrlann, Spiddal, Co. Galway.

From the Artist; "I am interested in the relationship between the artist and the subject with which the artist is engaging; in most of my work, this is our beautiful Co. Clare coastline.   There is a communication between both which includes experience, thoughts and feelings.   The artist noticing, absorbing and translating, the subject responding in it’s way.   In the case of the sea, it responds with the velocity of the incoming waves, the pull of those retreating, the interaction of the sun with the waves, the colours created and reflected….  At times there is a feeling of calm, other times it is more energetic.   As an art therapist, I am interested in the unconscious aspect of the artists process.   How the finished piece will hold some aspect of this interaction between artist and subject.   The aesthetic can emerge in the art, but it is the feeling and experience that is of particular interest to me.   Whether it is awe, inspiration or calm, I attempt to capture this sentiment in the finished piece.

The physicality of the clay lends itself greatly to this process.   It facilitates the unconscious emerging in the art, while also adding a 3 dimensional aspect to the finished form.   I work as a hand builder and I hand paint each layer of glaze.   In doing so, I can engage with the art materials to continue this communication through to the finished piece.   

All pieces are available to view at Leana Mo Chroi Studios, Ennistymon and are available to purchase online, through this website.   Please don't hesitate to contact me with any inquiries.



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